Articles of Incorporation of San Luis Obispo Buddhist Church

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    This document is a certified copy of the San Luis Obispo Church's Articles of Incorporation. As stated in Article II, one purpose of the corporation's formation is "to cultivate and promote the social, educational and religious welfare of the members." The document also empowers the corporation to handle property, "social, religious and philanthropic enterprises," and a cemetary. Original directors named in the document are: T. Fukunaga (Cambria, CA), M. Eto (San Luis Obispo, CA), H. Taku (Pismo Beach, CA), Tom Nakaji (San Luis Obispo, CA), I. Hori (Pismo Beach, CA), S. Kawaoka (Arroyo Grande, CA), and K. Kawaoka (Arroyo Grande, CA). Church president K. Taku and secretary K. Saiki deposed that the church members "authorized and directed" them "to execute and sign the said Articles of Incorporation." The document was signed on January 4, 1939 and filed on January 6, 1939.

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