Farrar Copper Spine House, car arborium details, sheet no. 9

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    Section: concrete roof slab over car door Section: east wall of ramp entry Note: All exterior conc. walls below grade are water proofed with a prime coat + 2 finish coats of an asphalt-asbestos fiber emulsion. This treatment applies to the joint between wall & footing. Cover walls below grade with Kraft paper to protect coasting during backfilling. Paint all footing dowels A's the project 1'' above footing with asphalt-asbestos emulsion. All footings shall have continuous bearing on solid rock & shall be stepped in accord with contours. Section: thru ramp planter wall. This wall [sic] varies in height from 0 to 36'' in 22 1/2 ft. horiz. distance. Section: Sauna - entry wall is same height & [sic] with roof slab as east wall above. Therefore use same wall-roof reinf. as for above wall. Section: East sauna and bath-shower walls. These walls are same height as east entry-ramp wall but without roof slabs. Note: Cotting for E. wall of bed rm. is same as for shower-bath wall. Likewise wall reinf. is identical. Section: east wall Section: thru west wall module joint detail roof flashing Concrete Work: Cement: Type II standard Portland, A.S.T.M. Spec. C150 Aggregates: Graded in accord with ASTM. Spec. C33 1 "Granite Aggregate (Maxi) for walls, piers, fireplace hood, & Roof slabs - Elsewhere us 3/4" maxi. granite aggregate. Use "lapis" tan Monterey sand in all pours except foodings & fl. slabs. Admixtures: To reduce [sic] porocity add to each cu.yd. of conc. add 125# bag of high calcium hydrated lime. (siera or equal) approved by architect. concrete in footings & exterior slabs does not require said lime. All visible concrete surfaces (not house floor slab) shal be pigmented to [sic] permanentyl resemble the color of wet conc. North terrace slab & steps [sic] pluss fireplace hearth shall be pigmented to blend with house floor covering. Use "dust on" as MGF by A.C. Horne or equal. Submit samples for approval by architect. Mixes: Foundations = 2000 # conc. @ 4'' slump, all other conc. = 3000# poured @ 4'' slump in general conform to specifications in ASTMC 94 Alternate #2 defining mixing, placing, & testing (7 day test, 28 day test, & slump test) In placing conc. do not use a mechanical vibrator in wall & roof pours. See sh.No.11 for pour sequence & joint details. Wall & roof pours are continuous. Let wall pour settle for 2 hrs. before continuing with roof slab pour. Steel: all bars shall conform to ASTMA15 specifications for structural grade & ASTMA 305 specs for deformation. The fabrication & placing of steel shall be by a subcontractor specializing in such work. This contractor shall sub two (only) prints of steel placing drawings for architects approval, 10 days prior to contractor. Prints from the corrected tracings may then be issued. Placing standard practice "No steel shall be placed prior to architects inspection of surfaces or forms against or over which the bars are to be placed. After placing, reinforcing shall be inspected and approved by architect prior to its enclosure in forms or embedment in conc. Forming: foundations are poured against cut in rock & bear on solid rock or equivalent. Form footings where ground does not provide rock sides step footing in sympathy with contours. Key tops of footings to receive walls. Pour joints in footings shall be keyed & doweled. Walls: see exterior wall surfaces below. Conc. ceilings: of slab roos are formed using rough 1x6 Monterey pine sheeting. For [sic] pattern see Sh. No. 10 & 12. Consult with architect for location of board butt joints of ceiling & roof curbs Concrete surfaces: Exterior: Wall surfaces in general are ribbed & bush hammered. See detl this sheet. Some piers & columns are only bush hammered - see elev. sh. No 4, 5 & 12. Ribbing extends 3'' +/- below fin. grade. Strip exterior forms ____ hrs after pour & proceed with bush hammering. Roof curb facials: of car court shall be stripped within 12 hrs & bristle brushed with water. Slabs: car court, car arborium, & N. terrace + steps are exposed aggregate of 3/4'' 'Hollister River Run Rock.' Remove 1 x 4's of 3' x 6' screen pattern after slab has cured fill joints with conc. grout using 3/8'' river run aggregate. As soon as practical apply one brush coat of "clear seal" as directed by MGF A.C. Horn. Interior: Wall surfaces: Are bush hammered, between tub & cabinets apply 2 brush coats of "clear seal" MGF A.C. Horn all other surfaces are not sealed. Interior (continued): Ribbed & bush hammered [sic] interior surface is the east return of kitchen wall see Sh.No.14 Fin-struts, Facials, etc.:___ if forms can be removed 8 hrs after pour, then bristle brush with water, otherwise sand blast. The same applies to pot shelf. See detl sh.No.7 apply 2 brush coats of "clear seal" to top & edge of shel & to top only of seat bench 'treated as are fin-struts.' Slab ceiling: both interior & exterior receive no finish treatment Floor slabs: finished suitably for application of rubs or [sic] resilient flooring pigmented fireplace hearth shall have a broomed surface with 2 brush coats of "clear"seal." Test samples required: (3'x3'x6'' Reinf. = #3 @ 8'' O.C. pigmented as described) 1) One face ribbed-detail. as shown (1 1/4 deep), other face [sic] simirally ribbed but (1'' Deep) using 1'' granite aggregate 2) Same as sample # 1 but use 3/4'' granite aggregate 3) Plain faced sample, 1'' granite aggregate [bush hammer one face, sand blast other face] 4) " " 3/4 " "[same as above] treatment of faces shall be done in presence of architect & prior to pouring of conc. in footings. Remove raised course of stones in the stone wall above the west concrete sea wall. Pour a 3'' conc. shell (mesh reine) over all faces of wall. wood float top. Dimension sof rock wall = 30 ' x 3 1/2 ' x 12'' (approximate)

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