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The California Fairs Collection contains archival and printed material created in three separate offices: Western Fairs Association, a non-profit trade association; Division of Fairs and Expositions, an agency of the California Department of Food and Agriculture; and the Joint Committee on Fairs Allocations and Classification, a legislative group comprised of seven senators and seven assembly members. In addition, material collected through the years by Louis S. Merrill, director of Western Fairs Association from 1945-1972, has been added to the collection. Finding aid to the collection: https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/kt800033t2/


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Short film about the 1946 Humboldt County Fair with emphasis on livestock exhibitions, also contains footage of machinery exhibits.
[00:00:25] The Humboldt County Fair 1948
[00:01:00] Two women in a garden – It’s county fair time in Humboldt
[00:02:19] Slow panning shot of family coming out of Poultry Building
[00:02:38] Women tending flowers
[00:02:55] People entering County Fair
[00:03:20] Close-ups of people in exhibition tent, lingering shots on exhibits
[00:04:12] Views of tent with exhibits, various cities mentioned
[00:04:55] Rotating globe with foodstuffs
[00:05:14] Humboldt Grange
[00:05:24] 4-H and other youth club displays
[00:05:49] Floral display table Mrs. Marie Clausur
[00:06:15] Panning shots of carnivals, rides, crowds
[00:06:48] Children on rides, ponies, merry-go-round , narration in second person “A worrying moment as you spotted a lost child crying for its mother”
[00:07:37] Horses being exhibited, Arabians, Palominos
[00:08:51] Horsemanship, trick riding on track
[00:09:07] Cattle exhibition
[00:09:49] Large parade, $1 million of livestock, 4-H, FFA, Senior Division
[00:12:05] Large crowds on track, sheepdog trials
[00:12:55] Sheep shearing
[00:13:17] Gene Landerman[?] wins first prize in sheep shearing
[00:14:08] Dog Show at Ferndale
[00:15:10] Best Dog in Show
[00:15:27] Monty Brooks and his band, trapeze, music, jugglers
[00:15:48] Drill Team, American Flag themed; dancers
[00:16:45] Fireworks, “nightcap of a long and happy day”
[00:16:57] Crowd before horse race
[00:17:12] Racing at Ferndale Track, shots of racing & excited crowd, closeups
[00:19:02] Race money taxes go to state and fairs to improve universities, fairs
[00:19:47] “That Para-mutuel ticket you bought has sent your dollar working”
[00:19:34] Crowds waiting to cash in horse racing tickets
[00:20:27] The End

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[00:00:11] – Title Cards
[00:00:43] – Fairs of America contribute to the War Effort
[00:00:50] – People entering turnstiles
[00:00:14] – Flag raising
[00:01:44] – Introduction to kinds of fairs
[00:01:49] – Spanish themed exhibit
[00:02:05] – Western theme with cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo
[00:02:26] – Horse Races, Harness Races, horse shows
[00:02:47] – Livestock shows
[00:03:03] – Flower Exhibits
[00:03:15] – Carnival, Giggle Inn
[00:03:26] – Stunts, acrobats, high wire
[00:03:35] – Clown with trick mule
[00:03:47] – Refreshments, candy cotton, hot dogs
[00:04:01] – Concessions, polaroid photographer
[00:04:32] – Barn of cattle
[00:04:38] – Lace, Fair exhibits; painting, needlework, decorating tables.
[00:05:17] – crowd scenes – “what is a fair?”
[00:05:58] – Educational features, machinery – Industrial arts building, 3 million visitors
[00:06:19] – Carnivals, judging, horse shows, Fine Arts, Junior Fair
[00:06:46] – Stables, draft horse exhibition
[00:07:24] – Animal riding, pigs, horses, cows
[00:07:37] – The visitor’s life enriched by the fair
[00:07:52] – Wide shot of fair buildings
[00:08:00] – Fair manager and his board of directors planning the fair
[00:08:32] – Building the fair, city clubs and gov. representatives
[00:08:51] – 4-H club, FFA San Luis Obispo Ch 172
[00:09:08] – Woman reading magazines about the fair
[00:09:30] – Sacramento, Chamber of Commerce, Schools
[00:10:03] – Animal Science building, students at ag college
[00:10:35] – Children raising and exhibiting animals, competition
[00:10:49] – Cow getting a ribbon, ribbons, trophies
[00:11:54] – Ribbons, trophies
[00:12:09] – Livestock journals
[00:12:46] – Statistics on fairs from 1933 to 1947, livestock, money
[00:13:26] – Agriculture And Education Experts, Julian McPhee, Cal Poly
[00:13:50] – Horse racing, tax benefits fairs
[00:14:15] – People relaxing at fair, scout camp, barbeque
[00:14:44] – Rose Float parade for county fair
[00:14:55] – Fairs are democratic, all people participate
[00:15:26] – Our day has been interesting and complete, night shots of lights
[00:15:46] – The End
[00:15:53] – End of capture