Report from Ken Kitasako

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    As stated in Ken Kitasako's report: "At a Board meeting of the San Luis Obispo Buddhist Church held on Tuesday, February 7, 1961, the following motion was made and unanimously carried. Board member, Kingo Kawaoka, moved that Treasurer, Masaji Eto, be authorized to look for a suitable property to re-establish our church, to report to the Board members of any or several prospective locations, that he be authorized to negotiate with a landowner or a real estate operator any particular property that has had the approval of the Board, that Noriharu Kawaoka, Masaji Eto, and Ken Kitasako who are presently the president, treasurer, and secretary, respectively, of the San Luis Obispo Buddhist Church, be authorized to sign, acting together, documents pertaining to purchase of a property for the church. In case of extreme necessity, with the approval of the Board, any two out of three of the aforementioned officers may sign documents. Said motion was seconded by Mitsugi Fukuhara and unanimously carried. Respectfully submitted, Ken Kitasako, Secretary."

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