Farrar Copper Spine House, car court wals + canopy, sheet no. 12

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    Project Records - Architectural Drawings
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    Creator (cre): Mark Mills
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    Flate file 214
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    1966 (year uncertain)

    East Elevation of studio & car court wall-canopy: Remodeling work: 1) remove gravel from roof of existing bldg. Resurface roof in same material used on roof of new construction. 2. Remove block color from visible exterior wood surfaces. 3. Add 2'' RWD member to facia as detailed. Brush stain & seal 'all wood to blend with color of concrete work. Section S-S: Thru car court wall Note: In general, wall reinforcing shall be #4@12'O.C. Vert. #4 @ 8'' O.C. Horiz Plan: Car court wall - canopy studio screen wall: Note: conc. walls are battered. Plan shows position of screen wall & car court wall in same floor plane as servants quarters (41.9'). Car-arborium floor plan shows [sic] batered walls & piers at elev. 41.0ft. Roofing work: 1. Insulation on house roof as detailed. See Sh. #10. 2. Built up asphalt 4 ply roofing over all new construction. A 20 yr. bonded roof is required over house & car-arborium roof. This contractor shall install all roof flashings provided by others and shall bear the responsibility for leaks thru flashings for 20 years or the life of the materials, whichever is the lessor period. 3. Roof gravel surface of 1/4 x 3/4 granite rock shall surface all roofs. Application shall be such that 80 mph winds will not disturb rock. Submit roofing specifications & proposal to architect & owner for approval. Sheet Metal Work: Provide all flashing for roof, arch., chimney, roof drains etc. of 16 oz lead coated copper including vent pipe flashing for plumber and for wind gauge. See detls. Sh # 10 & 11. Fabricate arch ridge cap of 16 oz. opper & 1/4 1'' Copper bars as detailed Sh. #10. Use 26 gauge galv. iron for vent ducts of kitchen, bath and sauna, and for a 2'' deep drip try to cover floor of drying closet.

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