Sister's Inn Collection

Newspaper on the Williams family girls
Article in the Courier (June 13th, 1959) featuring Alice Williams' tryouts for the Ram-ettes Corps in Los Angeles, California. Also mentions Rosa Lee and Annazette Williams as her sisters.
Obituary clipping about Fred J. Bollinger
Obituary clipping about Fred Jay Bollinger, 77, born in 1884 in Ohio who served in the Spanish-American War as Police Chief of SLO.
Portrait under 1951 San Luis Obispo Sign
Portrait of five young children posing underneath a San Luis Obispo 1951 sign.
Sister's Inn restaurant business card
Alice E. Harris, James C. Bowers, business card detailing their specialization in bar-b-q ribs, southern fried chicken, beer and wine. San Luis Obispo phone number 155.
Newspaper about Williams and Lonborg class clothing project
Annazette Williams and Celia Lonborg modeling their class clothes projects in the Saturday SLO County Telegram-Tribune January 19th, 1957.
Newspaper TV movie announcement for 'Goldie and the Boxer'
Article promotes 'Goldie and the Boxer' featuring O.J. Simpson, Melissa Michaelsen, and Annazette Chase.
Newspaper detailing "Flapper Girls" school play
Article about a high school play titled "Flapper Girls" that includes Annazette and Rosa Lee Williams